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Sanofor Veendrenkstof

100% natural food supplement for animals


100% natural food supplement for animals

Sanofor Veendrenkstof is given to various species of animals for many different purposes. For example, Sanofor has been given - with great success - to dogs, cats, horses, cattle, pigs, birds, sport pigeons and many species of rodents for over 30 years.


Sanofor is applicable in over 15 areas in total, depending on the type of animal.


The appearance of Sanofor is a thick, black and lumpy peat. It is a 100% natural product from Switzerland that hasn't undergone any further processing except the addition of water.



You don't have to process Sanofor before administration.

You can give Sanofor mixed with the food or mixed with the water in case of birds and racing pigeons.



It is important that you always use a clean spoon when using Sanofor.

Over Sanofor

How does Sanofor work?

Because of the special and unique composition of minerals and organic substances, Sanofor is a multi-purpose food supplement.


The substances that enable Sanofor to act are trace elements, minerals, humic acids and silica.


Humic acids are highly absorbent and bind toxins that are subsequently excreted with the stool.


In addition, humic acid supports the functioning of the liver and promotes food utilization.


Silica enhances the connective tissue and stimulates the immune system of the animal.

What our customers say

“I give this to our 6 dogs for a beautiful, shiny, thick coat. And they hardly shed. Use the veendrenkstof for a while and am very satisfied !!!! Recommended!!"


100% natural

Multi-purpose feed supplement

Over 30 years of experience

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