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Sanofor for birds and poultry

Multi purpose & 100% natural feed supplement for birds and poultry

Sanofor Veendrenkstof can be given to all types of birds such as tropical birds, parrots, canaries, parakeets, (racing) pigeons, but also larger birds such as chicken.


Sanafor is given in the case of/ for:

  • an improved gastrointestinal function

  • support of the intestinal flora

  • build-up original pigmentation

  • great feathering

  • increased resistance

  • elimination of stress situations

  • switch from feed

For birds (when used for 1 bird) we recommend the 150 gram pack.

How to use Sanofor

For birds we recommend a daily dosage of 1 tea spoon per day per liter of drinking water.


Daily dosage​

Birds: 1 tea spoon | per liter of drinking water

Chicken: 1 à 2 tea spoons | per liter of drinking water

Administration: mix with drinking water or feed in the feeding bowl (undiluted)


The drinking water needs to be replenished daily.

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