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Sanofor for cats

Multi purpose & 100% natural feed supplement for cats

Sanofor Veendrenkstof is a frequently given supplement to cats for various reasons. Sanoafor has been used with great success for more than 30 years!



Sanofor is given to cats in the following situations:



Stomach and intestines

  • For the (re) construction of the intestinal flora after, for example, worming or antibiotics

  • For obtaining normal bowel movement

  • To improve the cat's appetite

Skin and fur

  • Flea allergies or hot spots.

  • Dry skin

  • Dry / dull coat

  • Excessive hair loss / continuous shedding

  • To strengthen the hair root

  • Thin coat



With regular application throughout the year, Sanofor Veendrenkstof also ensures a short and effective shedding period and a shiny full coat for your cat.



  • When itching, scratching and biting the coat

  • At bald spots in the coat

  • Hot spot or flea bites




For cats (when in use for one cat) we recommend the 500 gram pack.

How to use Sanofor

Sanofor Veendrenkstof is inexpensive to use on a daily basis, has hardly any taste or odour and can be given throughout the year.

It is suitable for cats that are on dry cat food as well as on a (fresh) meat diet.

You can safely feed Sanofor Veendrenkstof to pregnant cats or kittens.


Dosage per day


Administration: mix with the feed or directly into the mouth.

If necessary, this dosage can be doubled without problems.



Daily use:
Cats: 1 teaspoon

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