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Samenstelling Sanofor

Multi-purpose & 100% natural feed supplement for animals

Sanofor is composed of naturally pure peat (99.5%) and lignocellulose (0.5%).



Sanofor © is a moor product consisting of digestive residues from hundreds of different flowers, medicinal herbs, grasses and fruits. Over the course of many years, these plants have fallen into stagnant water and sunk to the bottom, after which a lengthy chemical-biological process turned the plant remains into black, lumpy peat. The plants from which it originated determine the composition and properties of this peat. In addition, the location where our material is extracted plays a role in regard to the degree of suitability for medicinal purposes and for supplementary feeding of animals.


A peat type occurs in Austria and is referred to as "Subfossil". The characteristic of this type of peat is that it was suddenly buried under deposits of clay, sand and rock. This subfossil peat now lies many meters below the earth's surface. As can be deduced from the plant species it contains, this peat originated around 7000 years ago. Thanks to the continuous closure of the outside world, this peat is very well converted and matured. Moreover, it is very pure and practically germ-free.


No chemicals are added to the peat, Sanofor © is definitely a pure natural product. Moreover, the peat is extracted without damaging the landscape.

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