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Sanofor for horses and pony's

Multi-purpose & 100% natural feed supplement for horses and pony's

You give Sanofor Veendrenkstof to your horse for increased resistance, good digestion and improved waste disposal. This improves the appetite, skin, fur and hoofs of the horse.


Sanofor Veendrenkstof is also given frequently to horses with tail-mane eczema and to horses that are sensitive to colic. Sanofor can also help with crumbled hooves and split hooves.


Sanofor Veendrenkstof is a 100% natural product and works from within the stomach and intestines of your horse.


100% doping free


Sanofor Veendrenkstof is a natural and safe supplement for horses. Sanofor has been used with great success on horses in the Netherlands and Belgium for over ten years!



You can give Sanofor Veendrenkstof to your horse in the following situations:


Skin and Coat


  • Dry skin and with a dry coat

  • In the event of excessive hair loss and continuous shedding

  • To strengthen the hair root and when the coat is too thin

  • At bite and scratch spots and bald spots in the coat

  • In case of hypersensitivity of the skin

  • For an improvement of the pigmentation of the coat





  • Supports healthy digestion

  • Supports the immune system

  • Promotes natural bowel movements

  • Rumbling from within the stomach

  • Eating sand, eating manure

  • To improve appetite

  • For reconstruction of the intestinal flora (after worm treatments and antibiotics)

  • Prevention of rotting symptoms in the gut

  • Stimulate the functioning of the liver

  • Has a detox effect

  • For maintaining a healthy iron level in the blood





  • For healthy, smooth hooves



Tail-mane eczema / summer eczema

For horses with tail-mane eczema you give Sanofor for relief, which means less itching and less sanding. For horses or ponies that are susceptible to summer eczema, Sanofor should be given for a longer period of time as part of the regular daily diet.


Summer eczema in horses is a complex problem, but can be tackled with good nutrition. Read the booklet about this from Nicolette Hebing-Vissers (

In short, it comes down to the following: ensure a good resistance of the horse and ensure a good metabolism in the stomach and intestines. It is precisely this area in which Sanofor can make a healthy contribution to.

During the transition from stable to pasture (and from pasture to stable)

The transition from the stable to grass lands can cause anxiety in the gastrointestinal tract of horses. Sanofor supports the gastrointestinal function and thus helps to guide the transition from the stable to the pasture without discomfort to the horse.

Colic sensitive horses

The active natural substances in Sanofor improve the gastrointestinal functioning of the horse. This improves the condition and resistance in the horse's intestines and reduces the chance of colic.

Split hooves or crumbling hooves

Sanofor ensures beautiful smooth hooves for your horse and helps to restore any cleft hooves. The cleft hooves need to be restored from within the body, so it may take some time before improvements can be seen



With regular application throughout the year, Sanofor Veendrenkstof also ensures a short and effective shedding period and a shiny full coat of your horse or pony.

For horses (when given to  one horse) we recommend the 2500 gram package or for long-term use the 5000 gram package.

How to use Sanofor

Sanofor Veendrenkstof is inexpensive to use and has hardly any taste or odour and can be safely given throughout the year.


Can be safely given to pregnant horses and young horses or ponies.

For horses, a dosage of 2-3 tablespoons per day is recommended, for gastrointestinal disorders you can double the dosage.

Dosage per day

Ponies 1 to 2 tablespoons

Horses 2 to 3 tablespoons

Foals halve dosage


Administration: mix with the food or directly in the mouth.
If necessary, this dosage can be doubled.

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