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Sanofor for dogs

Multi-purpose feed supplement for dogs

Sanofor Veendrenkstof is given to dogs for many different purposes. Used for over thirty years with great success!


Sanofor is given for dogs in the following cases:

Stomach and intestines

  • For the (re) construction of the intestinal flora after, for example, worm cures or antibiotics

  • For obtaining normal bowel movement and stool

  • To increase the dog's appetite

  • Regular rumbling of the stomach and burping

  • Dirty odours and smelly winds

  • Eating street dirt and feces

Skin and fur

  • flea allergies or hot spots.

  • The small red itchy bumps on the dogs skin due to flea bites and itching on the skin of the dog.

  • Dry skin

  • Dry / dull coat

  • Excessive hair loss / continuous shedding

  • To strengthen the hair root

  • If the coat is too thin


With regular application throughout the year, Sanofor Veendrenkstof also ensures a short and effective shedding period and a shiny full coat for your dog.


  • When itching, scratching and biting the coat

  • Bald spots in the coat

  • Hot spot or flea bites


  • With disturbed pigmentation

  • As an extra stimulus for pigment disorders of the coat (for nose, lips and eye rims we suggest Sana-Vesta Elderberry tablets.



For dogs (when given to one dog) we recommend the 1 kg pack.

How to use Sanofor

Sanofor Veendrenkstof is inexpensive in daily use, has hardly any taste or odour and can be given throughout the year.

It is suitable for dogs that are on kibble as well as on a BARF diet.

You can also safely feed Sanofor Veendrenkstof to pregnant bitches / cats and puppies or kittens.


Dosage per day


Administration: mix with the feed or directly into the mouth.

If necessary, this dosage can be doubled without problems.



When given on a daily basis:
Small dogs: 1 teaspoon
Medium sized dogs: 2 teaspoons
Large dogs: 1 tablespoon

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